Come Together Anthology

Come Together is a 180-page, full-colour erotic comic anthology co-edited

by Tab Kimpton and Alex Assan. The book comprises 13 erotic comics by a variety of European creators, focusing on the theme of Reunion.

The anthology includes comics and illustration work by Ariel Vittori, Charlot Kristensen, Alex Assan & Lin Darrow, Anni K, Charu & Emil, Dominique Duong, Hari Conner, Jade Sarson, Niki Smith, Rica March, Shazleen Khan, Tab Kimpton, Vasarru and Zachary Kjoge.

Included in the anthology is Alex's own 12-page comic, In Search of Absent Pigments, written by Lin Darrow. 

The campaign to fund the anthology's printing was completed successfully through Kickstarter in August 2019. 


Come Together is available to purchase here.

In Search of Absent Pigments / Alex Assan & Lin Darrow

Cover art by Ariel Vittori

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Other Comic Samples (artists credited under each page)